M Silom

Silom , Bangkok

BTS Chong Nonsi
ID : C0108170219
Usable Area : 122.00 sq.m.
Type : Condominium
Price : 32,300,000 Baht
M Silom - Condominium for Sale in Silom  area
Giving each unit a captivating view and creating the space for 3 Top Floor Facilities. An innovative mix of materials, accented with distinct textures, adding an ultramodern dimension
Developer : Major Development Plc.
Year completion : 2013
Ownership :Free Hold
No. of stories :53 Story
No. of units :161 Units
Parking space :N/A
Nearby amenities
Shopping mall/supermarket :
 Central Silom Complex
 Robinson Bangrak
 River City Bangkok
 MBK Center
 Siam Discovery
 Siam Paragon
 Central World
 Chamchuri Square
Hospital : 
 Bangrak Hospital
 B.N.H Hospital
 St. Louis Hospital
 Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital
 The Bangkok Christian Hospital
Park : Lumpini Park
School/University : 
 Panyarat High School 
 Assumption Convent Silom
 Satri Sisuriyothai School
 Shrewsbury International School
 Siant Joseph Convent School
 Triam Udom Suksa School
 College of Management. Mahidol University. (CMMU)
 Chulalongkorn University
 Christian University of Thailand)
 Webster University Thailand - Bagngkok
 MUIC Sathorn
please don’t hesitate to contact us. We, MDC (Major Development Property Consultant), and our professional property agent are ready to help you both for sale and for rent in Bangkok
Outdoor swimming pool with pool sun lounge
BBQ area
24 hours security
Amount of loan
Interest rate
Payment Period
Monthly Payment
Minimum Monthly Revnue
Expense Item Rate Responsible by
1. Transfer Fee 2 % Buyer / Seller (1% each)
2. Stamp Duty* 0.5 % Seller (as company)
3. Withholding Tax 1 % Seller (as company)
4. Specific Business tax* 3.3 % Seller (as company)
*If you pay Stamp Duty, you shall not pay Specific Business Tax and vice versa.

1. Transfer Fee
The transfer fee shall be collected at the rate of 2% of the appraised value of property of the Land Department. Whether, the buyer or the seller is paying for this fee, is depending on the Sale and Purchase Agreement. Normally the buyer partly pays for this fee. This fee will be paid to the officer at the land office, upon the day of the transfer of ownership.

2. Stamp Duty
The stamp duty shall be collected at the rate of 0.5% of the actual purchase price of the appraised value of the Land Department, whichever is the higher. The stamp duty shall be imposed unless the special business tax is paid.

3. Withholding Tax
The withholding tax is a tax payable by the seller of the immovable property to Land Department immediately at the occurrence of the purchasing.

Individuals selling their property :
The withholding is determined under to Revenue code of Thailand. The seller shall withhold such tax and pay to the Revenue Department, when he/she earn an income from the sale of immovable property (including condominium unit). Withholding tax rate are calculated based from government assessed price with a deduction of possession year, which are varied depending on the year of your possession (the more years of possession, the more the deduction) and calculate that amount based on the income form the progressive tax rate (range from 0 – 37 percent).

Companies selling their property :
The withholding tax of 1% from appraised value of property or actual selling price, whichever is higher, must be paid by the Seller. However, there are no property taxes as such in Thailand that are exactly equivalent to the property taxes in the West. Commercial properties incur a small tax which is collected infrequent. In term of registering a lease agreement, a registration of a lease for duration of more than 3 year required to pay a registration fee rate of 1% plus a 0.1% rate of stamp duty. Rates are calculated from the total amount of the rental fee or the key money or both.

4. Specific Business Tax
The specific business tax shall only be collected from the sale of immovable property with trade of profit seeking purpose at the rate of 3.3% of the appraised value or the actual purchase price, whichever is the higher. The special business tax shall be imposed if you are selling your property, which you have own less than 5 years or you have registered in house registration less than 1 year. XXXX

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Update December 12, 2018